Free Compliance Assessment

Are you properly covered when dealing with safety issues!

…Learn more on how to get a “free” first step in being proactive!

We provide:   

  • A “free compliance assessment” of select Plant or Shop equipment, machinery and/or process; as per Z432-04 Machine Guarding & Z460-05 Lockout and Control of Hazardous Energy standards.
  • Discover the Key Issues to address.
  • Receive a no-obligation report on your compliance status and  issues that need to be addressed.

Use 21st Century Action Plan:

  • We’ll identify and address the issues as they apply to your “equipment, machinery or processes.”
  • Define the Action Plan required for you to meet your regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Provide supporting documentation, procedures and training for the Safety Initiative.

Just “one” Ministry of Labour (MOL) “stop work order” could shut your operation or stop production.

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