Questions to Determine the Right Choice

Have you considered whether a “Retractable Spray Paint Booth Solution” …could it be right for your company?

…Make the right choice…questions to find the proper solution for your business

Spray or Paint?

  • Does your company service industrial clients where you need to provide a coating or painted finish to the products you provide?
  • Is coating or spray painting a function that is required but not a primary function?
  •  Do you have large or difficult pieces to setup that require coating or painting?
  •  Do you have an overhead crane to handle these items?
  • Can you use it effectively?
  • Would you like to be able to use it more effectively?
  •  Are you looking for an adaptive and flexible solution for spraying or painting in your facility?
  •  Could dual functionality be a benefit?
  •  Do you have off site contracts that require spray painting?
  •  Would portability be an asset?…Could it make you more competitive?
  •  Would easy setup, tear-down and storage be beneficial?
  •  Is shop floor space an issue?
  • Do you have to paint after hours or off shift?
  •  When you coat or paint are fumes properly exhausted?
  • Is the coating or paint contained effectively?
  •  Could you use a Prep-Station, Paint Mixing Enclosure or a Spray Paint Booth?
  •  Do you have a Spray Paint Booth?
  •  Is it a fixed enclosure?
  •  Is it and an open face spray paint booth?


Have you got – Other issues to solve?

  •  Do you have environmental issue that need to be addressed?
  •  Do you have health and safety issues affecting your facility or work staff?
  •  Do you need to do “non destructive testing” in a controlled environment?
  •  Do you need a clean room or non contaminated area?
  •  Could you use a specialized extraction application?
  • Do you have huge items that need coating or spray painting? Aviation, Capital Equipment
  • If you do, would a customizable and cost effective solution be of interest? page contents