Pre-Start Reviews

Pre-Start Health and Safety Review

The purpose of a PSR is to identify specific hazards of equipment, machinery in certain circumstances and hazards associated with the exposure to chemicals and other designated substances.

The review is intended to minimize the safety hazards to workers as required under the applicable provisions of the MOL Regulation for Industrial Establishments.

PSHSR or a Declaration of Exemption

Due to the changes in October 2000 to Section 7 of the Ontario Ministry of Labour Regulation, Industrial establishments are required to produce a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review or letter of declaration of exemption for each piece of new or modified production equipment.

When modifying existing machinery or installing  new machinery, it is your responsibility as an employer to determine if a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review is required. A PSHR is required if a provision and a circumstance from Section 7 (MOL) applies.

Let a 21st Century Team member guide you through the evaluation process and in providing you with the solutions to meet the standards required for compliance in Ontario.

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