Fines and Penalties

MOL – Ontario Ministry of Labour  will issue tickets for safety infractions at work


Ontario’s health and safety inspectors now have the power to issue tickets for unsafe workplace practices in the industrial sector, Labour Minister Chris Bentley announced yesterday.

While inspectors are already empowered to issue tickets in the construction, mining and diving sectors the move to include the industrial sector is part of a government plan aimed at reducing workplace injuries by 20 percent over four years.

“The important part about the ticketing is it will give an immediate consequence to those in violation,” Bentley said.

Employers, supervisors and workers can be issued tickets for 81 violations of Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Violations include failing to wear fall protection equipment such as a harness and lifeline, failing to use a machine with adequate guarding and failing to ensure a lifting device is operated safely.

“It’s much faster, it’s much more immediate, carries smaller penalties, but it will be an immediate indication to the person – whether it’s a worker, supervisor, or corporation – of a violation.”

The tickets carry set fines, including court costs, of $200 or $300, depending on the offence.

If issued a ticket, the party can choose to either pay the fine or appear in a provincial court to dispute the offence.

The Labour Ministry announces in July 2004 that it would hire 200 new health and safety inspectors over two years to target unsafe workplaces and cut down on claims by injured workers.

The hiring’s nearly doubled the number of inspectors enforcing the province’s safety laws to 430.

The move was an attempt to reduce the 300,000 workplace injuries reported annually by 20 percent by 2008. About a third of those injuries are serious enough the employees miss work, officials say.

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