Safety Services


21st Century Solutions looks forward to work with your company personnel to improve the level of safety at your facility and on your production equipment and machinery in order to make your facility even safer.


  • Free – N0 Obligation Compliance Assessment – documented review;
  • Engineer PSHSR Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews, as per code and standard;
  • CSA Z460-05 “Control of Hazardous Energy” consulting and programs for the development and implementation of – “Machine Specific” Lockout Procedures and Placards;
  • Training for CSA Z460-05 Lockout & Control of Hazardous Energy - machine specific, documentation, issues and placard review;
  • Design, fabrication and installation of all types of machine safeguards, machine or robotic enclosures and control systems acting as guards as they pertain to CSA Z432-04;
  • Safety Consulting and Engineering Services;
  • Protective measures and safe working procedures, for operators and / or maintenance workers;

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