Who is 21st Century?

100-satisfaction-guarantee21st Century Solutions Ltd., was established in 1979 and provides business services, safety consulting and productivity solutions to business, industry and manufacturers.

Our 24 years practice in plant safety, 30 years of engineering experience and over 10 years of fabrication experience insures that our customers receive a practical and seasoned approach to their project needs. As a business consulting firm which provides engineering, business systems, productions solutions and safety services to small and mid size businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, we strive to provide unsurpassed customer service, business systems and value-priced productivity solutions.

“Let our business experience work for you”

Our Plant… provides quality and durable product solutions for our customers.

Our Consulting Offices…are located in Cambridge, Ontario Canada.

The Team…our Secretary Kim…the rest of us are just regular guys. Including Engineering, Design, Safety and Sales Support.

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