Z432-04 Machine Guarding

CSA Z432-04 – Machine Safeguarding

The  Z432-04 is the standard for the machine specific – safeguarding methods.

The Z432-04 standard is comprehensive which means that your compliance needs to be assessed. all

Have you got machine safeguarding issues?

  • What equipment or machinery requires safe guarding?
  • Do you machinery within the plant or shop that are a reason for safety concerns?
  • Do all  your equipment or machinery or processes meet the regulatory code and standard?

We help you select machinery with guarding issues and initiate a safeguarding project to get them up to code.

We assist your safety team to:

  • Ensure that the Safety Initiative is controlled and gaining satisfactory results on a machine by machine basis;
  • Ensure a comfort level on all Corporate levels;
  • Look for ways to reduce safety project costs overall;
  • Keep the safeguarding project on target with fewer interruptions of labour and production.

We Can Work together!

211st Century Solutions will work along side your Management and Health & Safety Team to ensure the completion of your Machine Safeguarding Project.


Let our safety experience work for you!

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